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Avoid queing for electric charging and hydrogen refuelings.

The energy transition for lorry has more challenges than the one for cars: queuing for rare chargers and hydrogen pumps.  Lorry drivers don’t have the luxury nor the time to driver to another energy-hub hoping that there is availability.  Waiting and detouring means extra time which means extra money.

hmak offers a reservation module that integrates with your fast charger or hydrogen pump.  We know if you have a availability and can optimise your turn-over.  With our payment module, transporters will receive consolidated invoice for all energy hubs on our network.

At hmak we work closely with energy hubs, transporters and public transport providers.

hmak stands for cooperation in the chain. That is in our DNA. This also means that if projects require specific knowledge, we source this through a suitable partner.

Our partners

hmak is an activity of hmak B.V.- 's Hertogenbosch - KvK 90185315