Why hmak?

Refueling with diesel takes minutes, especially at high-speed pump.  Fast chargers, even the ultra-fast ones, need dramatically more time. Refueling hydrogen takes longer than diesel.

Without action, queuing is inevitable at our new green electricity and hydrogen hubs.

In the transition to clean energy, those energy hubs may be rare.  More zero emission trucks will increase the possibility of queuing.

With hmak you will reduce the queuing.

hmak is the reserveration system for zero emission logistics. 

hmak for transport companies

Drivers booking a charger or hydrogen pump avoid queuing.

International transporters will also benefit from invoice consolidation and our VAT refund service. 

hmak is Dutch for comfort.

hmak for energy hubs

Queuing is a poor service experience. Space can be used for parking but also for more profitable activities.

With hmak you can plan maintenance and repairs and by booking this, you will avoid disappointed customers.

hmak will also collect your invoices, streamlining your organisation.  What a comfort delivered by hmak.

Occupancy rate

Your business is to deliver energy.  Your fast charger or hydrogen pump should operate 24/7.  Queues are not wanted, they reduce client satisfaction. Queuing lorries take up quite a bit of space.

With hmak your clients reserve and you will realise a higher occupancy rate.


 With hmak’s reservation system you control maintenance planning and you can forecast when your hydrogen fuel system buffers are low. That allows you to plan hydrogen creation for when you need it, optimising this vital process.

Reduce queues

Once your occupancy rate is 50%, the waiting time will equal the time of re-fueling. 

The investment of 30 seconds to book a slot has a pretty good return.

Efficient transport

In service suspension your driver will be notified and can re-plan their re-fuel.  That way you will reduce unnecessary milage.


Transporters want to know in detail which lorry re-fueled and where they re-fueled. Hmak will provide clear and conchise reports.